Frequently Asked Questions

I am confused. Is Luxe Traveler Club a "club" I need to join in order to take advantage of your great service and perks? +

Absolutely not! The name "club" simply implies a group of people (that's you) who love exploring the world!

With all of your expertise and knowledge, it sounds like it might be expensive for me to hire you. What are your fees? +

For the majority of bookings, there is no fee to hire us. You will have a personal planner, who is with you for every step of the way (I mean not physically with you, but you get it), who is saving you time and money, and who is getting you extra VIP-style perks, for the exact same price as if you booked it on your own. More detailed itineraries will have a minimal planning charge.

I do not necessarily consider my travel budget to be luxury. Can I still work with you? +

Of course. There are many different ways to define luxury. We like to think of luxury as defined by style and service, not always simply by hotel class.

This all sounds great. What is the next step? +

To get started, all you need to do is fill in the contact form and we will be in touch with you.

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